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Ahead of the curve

ani M Interiors is the brainchild of Anita Mehra, a property professional with more than 35 years’ experience of interior design in London. ani M INTERIORS specialises in a complete, luxury design and refurbishment service and its large client base has been built on word of mouth. ani M INTERIORS success can be attributed to the brand’s ethos of working closely with their clients. Anita and her team pride themselves on taking the time to get to know a client and understand their needs for their property, be that a relaxing family home or an impressive space to entertain.

Some people can be reluctant to call in the services of an interior design team for fear of not being listened to or of being overruled on design choices. This is the antithesis of ani M INTERIORS approach. As Anita comments: “We believe that creating a home means making a true statement about our personality, our tastes, our lifestyle. So our philosophy centres on listening and discovering what is important to you. And every step, we take together.” The team’s ability to create chic, beautiful interiors that reflect the owner’s personality is inspiring. So much so, the gallery speaks for itself. In addition to building strong relationships with its clients, the team prides itself on knowing the new design trends, new design houses, new materials, finishes and colours, seasons ahead.

For instance, the ani M INTERIORS team has been exploring the possibilities around the Global colour trends for spring/summer 2016. These are four palates entitled: Tropic, Brink, Beast and Space. Each captures an abstract mood and creates a canvas for a spectacular interior. Read on to analyse ani M INTERIORS designer’s take on Global colour trend for S/S 16.


Example of the Tropic Colour Scheme


Tropic oozes escapism, dark primary colours and natural hues accent the brights. Taking inspiration from equatorial countries such as Brazil, Indonesia and Kenya, the palate shows the glorious natural contrast between the rich red earth and the deep green fauna and the almost luminous flora, each intensified by the bright sunshine. Furnishings that showcase traditional, handmade crafts and natural materials complement this uplifting trend.


Example of the Brink colour scheme


Brink has a somber, sophistication that captures a sense of history. Strong colours such as mustard, mahogany and verdigris capture the spirit of grand country house living. While the neoclassical trend takes characteristics such as form and colour from heritage art and design, the finishes have a modern twist. Contemporary metals and plastics add an unexpected air of style, which works beautifully with the traditional scheme.


Example of the Beast colour scheme


Beast captures a sense of fearlessness and a refusal to conform. Many people shy away from inky colours believing they will create a dark, heavy, morose interior. But as this palate shows, the results can be sensual, gothic and magnificent. Heritage green with wispy cloud grey and black from the palate are immediately alluring and evocative. Imagine these colours in a study or library with some well-placed objects d’art. It would truly feel like your own little world.


Example of the Space colour scheme


Space, by contrast is light and airy and not of this world. Anchored by the blackness of space, the ethereal colour palate is inspired by the cosmos. Imagine vibrant gas clouds and distant stars boiling into space, creating plumes of dust pink and flashes of powder blue. Now imagine this astronomical colour palate lighting up your own four walls. The hues are made more dreamlike by metallic and pearlescent finishes.

These four, key colour trends will inform and inspire interiors in 2016. What’s more, the ani M INTERIORS team is already creating mood boards and building up a portfolio of fabrics and furnishings to evolve and personalise the look. The skill is interpreting these colour trends for each individual; no two clients will respond to a colour palate in the same way and it is part of the service that ani M INTERIORS offers; the ability to take a trend and make it bespoke. As Anita comments, “Successful interior design isn’t simply a matter of putting together a series of beautiful objects. It’s about creating a home that suits the lifestyle of the people who live there. And that means discovering what makes a house a home.” Why not discover what ani M INTERIORS can do for you?


Number: +44 (0) 20 7319 9650


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