The Best Spring Flowers for Your Garden

Spring has sprung and nothing heralds this time of year more than the kaleidoscopic colour of spring flowers.
If you’ve finished your spring cleaning and want to fill your garden with vibrant colour and the tantalising scent of spring flowers, then look no further. Here is a list of the best spring flowers that will wake your garden up from its winter slumber.

Bee Friendly

You’ve probably heard about the terrible plight of bees in the UK and across the world. It’s hard to overstate just how important they are to our ecosystem. Why not give the helpful bee a leg-up (or 6!) by planting these spring flowers in your garden?


This particular flower gets in early, springing to life from February onward. Pulmonaria provide bees with plenty of nectar, the fuel they need to pollinate our flowers and plants. These spring flowers thrive in damp conditions so provide them with plenty of shade.


A bumblebee favourite. And a human one too. As well as being packed with pollen, these colourful additions to your garden act as miniature bee hotels. That’s right, bees will shelter in these spring flowers overnight!  


Representing the purple and blue end of the colour spectrum, these popular spring flowers are often found making their way over and along walls in gardens across the country. These flower later than pulmonaria, around April and May.


Once planted, these spring flowers largely take care of themselves and will spread out across your garden. Their distinctive spotted leaves and deep purple flowers are irresistible to bees.  

Bee landing on a purple crocus Spring flower in garden


According to experts, perennials are easy spring flowers to grow due to their hardy nature and can be planted almost anywhere in your garden – and once planted, they will flower every year! The two below flower earlier than most other perennials so if you plant them early enough these spring flowers will make an appearance before summer rolls around.  


These are some of the most diverse and low maintenance spring flowers you can add to your garden. Sometimes known as Cranesbill, geraniums may be beautiful but they are also tough, living a long time under the right conditions. Take your pick from pink, purple, blue and white, their flowers will last all summer.


These diverse spring flowers are United States natives. Make sure to plant phlox subulata as these will bloom earlier than most phlox and form a dense and luxurious carpet of colour. These spring flowers have star-shaped blooms and their vibrant pink, purple and white colour is matched by their fragrance. They are perfect for rockeries and other parts of the garden low to the ground and will bloom from mid spring to early summer.  

Spring bulbs

With enough planning and preparation planting spring bulbs is an excellent way to ensure your garden is brimming with spring flowers after winter. Spring flowering bulbs should be planted in soil between October and December, before the first frost. Generally, they should be planted at three times their depth. These spring flowers include some of the most well-known and loved – daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. Most bulbs come from the Mediterranean and thrive in sunshine.


Probably Britain’s favourite spring flower, the delicate daffodil is the epitome of spring. Their regal gold colour is famous but they also come in other varieties – pink and ruffled, for example. These spring flowers can transform herbaceous borders and even lawns and they are some of the easiest garden plants to grow requiring only well-drained soil and sunshine. Make sure to plant them around two bulb widths apart.


With a rainbow of colours available, not to mention shapes and sizes, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose one type of tulip to plant in your garden. Flowering from March to May, these colourful spring flowers make excellent additions to garden beds. They’re not a fan of waterlogged conditions as many hark from alpine environments. Ideally plant from mid- to late autumn – this is later than most other bulbs but planting at this time will reduce the likelihood of disease.


The easygoing hyacinth smells fantastic and makes quite a statement in any garden – their upright flowers are easy on the eye as well as the nose! They tend to flower between March and April after planting in early Autumn. These spring flowers are tough, able to grow in windowsill pots or almost anywhere in the garden. As long as they have the sun on them, they will thrive.

The Best Spring Flowers for Your Garden

There are so many spring flowers to choose from but with a little planning and thought it’s easy to kickstart Spring – even as early as Winter when you plant your bulbs!

If you’ve missed your chance to plant early, there are still a number of spring flowers above that can be repotted and planted in your garden right away.

Once you’ve given your garden that springtime spirit, why not go out and about to see the best of London? The rest of our Access London blog has ideas and information on interesting events all around the city.

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