How to Improve Your EPC Rating

Wondering how to improve your EPC rating? In 2018 EPC regulations changed, making it a legal requirement for rental properties to meet a certain standard of energy efficiency. Read on to learn more about the changes, and find out how to improve your EPC rating. What is an EPC rating? EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. An EPC states the energy efficiency rating of a property, taking into account a number of factors: The size of the property The type of construction The property’s heating system, including the type of boiler and how it’s controlled How the wall and loft/roof More ›

A Guide for Landlords Letting to Students

It’s no secret that student tenants get a bad rap. Complaints about loud parties, destroyed furniture and week-old pizza boxes abound. So much so that apparently seven out of 10 landlords won’t rent to students for fear of damages to their properties. But by shunning the student rental market, the majority are landlords are losing out on a lucrative market. For starters, the stereotype of the irresponsible and lazy student isn’t really fair; with rising tuition fees and living costs taking a hearty chunk out of their wallets, today’s students are more conscientious than ever. Buy-to-let properties in university towns More ›

Predictions for the 2019 London Property Market

The London property market is a tough one to predict at the best of times. However, in this sustained period of political and economic uncertainty, it’s now particularly difficult to anticipate what the 2019 market will look like. The Brexit outcome will, undoubtedly, have a significant impact, although we won’t know how that will pan out until the UK officially leaves the European Union. Despite the political ambiguity, however, there are some forecasts we can make for the 2019 London property market. Uncertainty will continue into 2019 The London housing market has been subjected to a significant period of uncertainty More ›

The True Cost of Selling a House 

So you’re planning to sell up and move, but have you calculated the true cost of selling a house? It can be a nasty surprise for some, but there are fees for selling your home. You need to plan for these and make sure to include them in your moving budget. To avoid any shocks, read through our handy guide so you know the fees involved in selling a house.   Estate agency fees Your first consideration when selling your house should be estate agency fees. These can vary depending on your property type, market condition and selling schedule. Typical estate More ›

Planning Permission for Extensions: Do You Need It?

Adapting your home to create the perfect space for your family can seem a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Lots of building work can be carried out under permitted development (PD) rights, meaning you don’t need to go through the process of obtaining planning permission for extensions. However, although rules have recently been relaxed, there are still a range of criteria your work must meet for this to be the case. Our guide should help you understand whether you need planning permission for extensions. Location, location, location The first thing to check is whether More ›

How Much Value Would a Loft Conversion Add to Your Home?

How Much Value Would a Loft Conversion Add to Your Home? One of the most common ways to improve your home is to extend the living accommodation. Whilst the financial outlay for such improvements is of course a primary consideration, many homeowners sensibly weigh up this potential expense against what the extension may bring to the property – as not only an increase in size, but also in value added. Of all the types of extension possible, including garage or loft conversion and traditional extension, the most recent Nationwide study of improvements that add value to private homes concluded, “the More ›

Simplified Guide to Buying First Time

Simplified Guide to Buying First Time Buying first time is a whirlwind of emotions; excitement about owning your first place, happiness about stepping onto the property ladder and sometimes it’s a little daunting thinking about exactly what you need to do in order to complete your sale. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you through the process. Know your agent – and let them get to know you Choosing the right agent is a critical decision; it can have a huge impact on the process of buying your home. Ask some key questions such as; what are their More ›

Bank of England are holding interest rates steady at 0.5%

Bank of England Have Hinted They Will Cut Base Rate in August – What Does That Mean To You? Whilst the Bank of England have today announced that they are holding interest rates steady at 0.5%, they have dropped a pretty significant hint that there may be a rate cut in August, most likely to 0.25%. Although this does remain to be seen as the Governor has a history of twisting and turning, remember the speculation over the past few years that the next move would be upwards and his “At the turn of the year” comments, the situation Post-Brexit More ›

Sold: 5 Tips For Selling Your Home Faster

Sold: 5 Tips For Selling Your Home Faster The ‘for sale’ sign is up, your house is officially on the market, and you’re already dreaming of moving day. Getting interested buyers through the door – and then transforming that interest into an offer – is a whole new ball game. Here at Keatons, we’re in the business of buying and selling houses, so we know what sells and what stagnates. Here are our five tips to a speedy sale. Make do and mend Turn sentiment around your home from ‘it’s a bit of a fixer-upper’ to ‘we could move straight More ›

The New Right-to-Buy Scheme: Good or Bad News for London Property?

The New Right-to-Buy Scheme: Good or Bad News for London Property? The government’s plans to extend the right to buy have not been without controversy. The proposed Housing and Planning Bill has stirred up a political maelstrom while the housing market is creaking under the pressure. Some politicians and commentators like Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan have gone so far as to say that the proposals will be ‘catastrophic’ for the London property market. According to Khan’s research, rather than easing the crisis, the extension of the right to buy will take us backwards, in the direction of rent and More ›