The End of the Section 21 Eviction Notice: How will it Affect Landlords?

Landlords are currently able to regain possession of a property without giving a reason using a Section 21 eviction notice. In April the Government announced plans to change this. What is a Section 21 eviction notice? Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 enables landlords to evict tenants at any time after the fixed term of their contract has ended. Landlords can do this by serving the tenant with a Section 21 eviction notice, which gives the tenant two months’ notice to leave. The landlord doesn’t need to provide a reason for the eviction. What are the proposed changes? The More ›

How do General Elections Affect House Prices?

Following Theresa May’s announcement of a snap general election in June, those looking to buy or sell houses may be asking themselves the question: how do general elections affect house prices? It’s a pertinent question, as political uncertainty is often linked to fluctuations in the property market. Property is arguably more volatile than any other sector, and the status of the market generally represents the overall mindset of the property-owning public. With the general election upon us, we’ve looked back at how historical elections have affected house prices, and predicted what we can expect this time around. Looking to the More ›

The Treasury on Brexit

The Treasury on Brexit: The Effect on Property The Treasury have now added more fuel to the Brexit debate by releasing a 90-page document outlining the cost of leaving the EU and the impact it will have on Britain if, come the 23rd June, Britain vote to leave the EU. With Brexit being the most topical debate in the country, it’s no surprise given the date of the vote is looming. Other leading figures in Britain haven’t been shy in sharing their opinion on the matter. Experts in favour of staying in the EU have said it could lead to More ›

Mortgage Rates: Are the Glory Days of Borrowing Coming to an End?

Mortgage Rates: Are the Glory Days of Borrowing Coming to an End? The Bank of England base rate has remained at 0.5%, its lowest level ever, for over six years now, and mortgage rates as low as 1% or 2% have become commonplace. But as we merrily bask in what the future may deem the glory days of borrowing, have we got a little bit too comfortable with these unsustainably low rates? Media speculation about mortgage rates is rife at the moment, with many experts predicting that rates will increase in 2016. Should such predictions serve as an alarm bell, More ›

Extending Your Home: What’s Permitted, What’s The Cost And Is It Worth It?

Extending Your Home: What’s Permitted, What’s The Cost And Is It Worth It? More people than ever before are choosing to stay put and upgrade their homes rather than upping sticks to upsize. In fact, the concept has become so popular that Channel 4 has made a television show out of it. “Love it or List It?”, featuring Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer, helps families trying to decide just that – whether to start afresh somewhere new or use the money they would otherwise spend on a house sale and purchase to renovate their property. The fact is that for More ›

Mortgage Lending In The Crystal Ball

2013 was the strongest year for mortgage lending since 2008 but two years on things are looking a little different. Controversial changes to mortgage lending rules in April 2014 followed swiftly by stamp duty reforms and the subsequent market slow down at the end of the year mean all eyes are now squinting into the distance to try and gauge what lies ahead for mortgage lending.   Mortgage Lending In the Crystal Ball   Recent history Despite some obvious speed bumps in 2014 mortgage lending news was not all bad last year. Gross mortgage lending totalled about £206 billion. That’s More ›