The True Cost of Selling a House 

So you’re planning to sell up and move, but have you calculated the true cost of selling a house? It can be a nasty surprise for some, but there are fees for selling your home. You need to plan for these and make sure to include them in your moving budget. To avoid any shocks, read through our handy guide so you know the fees involved in selling a house.   Estate agency fees Your first consideration when selling your house should be estate agency fees. These can vary depending on your property type, market condition and selling schedule. Typical estate More ›

Selling a Property in London: Why Now is a Great Time

Thinking of selling a property in London but not sure if it’s a good time? We’ve looked at all the latest data, and concluded that now could very well be the perfect time to make the move and sell up. Read on to find out why… Prices continue to rise Property prices in London have seen phenomenal growth in the last decade. The price of the average British home has risen by 18% since 2007, but in the capital the number is close to 80%. That’s almost twice the growth seen in the next best performing region, the South East. This More ›

Market insight and opening of Keatons new Wanstead/South Woodford office

Market insight and opening of Keatons new Wanstead/South Woodford office To date, 2014 has proved to be much the same as last year. The sales market continues to remain strong and, with stock levels remaining particularly low, this could well be the case for many months. The appetite of buyers is consistently strong and the competition for property is fierce. Clearly this makes buying and selling at the same time a real challenge, but with the hope that the Spring market will see an increase in the number of properties coming to the market to help relieve some of the More ›